Motor racing’s Wizard of Oz, Bernie Ecclestone, pulls back the curtain on both his incredible life and Formula 1 – the global sport he created and controlled for over 40 years.

Directed by Manish Pandey / A Jiva Maya Production

8 x 1 hour


You can watch Lucky! on these platforms

UK/Eire – discovery+ and Quest (from Nov 16 2023)

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan – DAZN

Hungary – Spektrum

Greece – Cosmote

Cyprus – Cablenet

Latin America – ESPN/Star

Australia – STAN

France – Paramount+

Northern Europe – Viaplay

About The Man

“I never planned anything in Formula 1.  If I saw an opportunity, I took it, and if it was successful it was because… I was lucky!’

In a recent interview with Tatler magazine, Formula 1 legend Eddie Jordan said of Bernie Ecclestone – “anyone who has had a business, sold it four times, has never brought it back, has never lost control of it, and still owns it, is pretty special. And do you know the most important thing? He never f**king owned it in the first place”.

Clever, colourful, controversial, enigmatic, ruthless but hugely loyal, Bernie Ecclestone single-handedly transformed Formula 1 from a collection of enthusiastic amateurs into the hugely successful global franchise it is today.

About The Story

Lucky! is the story of the ultimate underdog – Bernie Ecclestone – and his lifelong quest to turn the sport he loves, Formula 1, from the lethal pastime of rich amateurs into a televised global super-sport, rivalled only by the Olympics and the Football World Cup.  It is also the story of a fundamental conflict, increasingly seen in all aspects of life: the balance between a pursuit, in this case sport, and money.

But Lucky! is about so much more than just a sport and money – it’s about one man’s true grit and determination to overcome all the odds to create a super brand followed and adored by millions of people worldwide. 

About The TV Series

Created and directed by Manish Pandey, writer of  the award-winning ‘Senna’, Lucky! is now in production for airing in the winter of 2022.

Combining exclusive, and very personal, interviews with Bernie Ecclestone himself – filmed in September 2020, May 2021 and July 2021 – with memorable archive and specially composed music from Antonio Pinto, Lucky! will provide both a visual feast and compelling story that will appeal to a much wider audience than just the ardent Formula 1 fan.

History, betrayals, rivalry, politics, war, death, money, friendships, business and drama – both on and off the track – will make this series the most talked about programme of 2022 and beyond.

About Jiva Maya

Jiva Maya was formed to create and produce amazing documentaries for worldwide TV and other related multi-media. 

About Our Vision

The three founding directors, all with many years of multi-media production, distribution and management behind them, want to position JML as the number one provider of compelling and potentially award-winning documentaries that can play out to large audiences worldwide. 

About The Director – Manish Pandey


Manish has a unique ability to search out the seemingly invisible element of a story, combine it with a deep and passionate sporting knowledge in order to produce a programme that can resonate with the viewer on a much deeper and more emotional level.

Watch Manish talk about filming with Bernie 

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